CITA Action Plan - August 2002

Building  Arizona's Links To The Electronic Future

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CITA Action Plan

In August 2002 the CITA Board of Directors adopted an Action Plan that will enable CITA to provide leadership in Building Arizona's Links To The Electronic Future. The Plan includes:

Why Arizona's Electronic Links Are Important

Information and Telecommunications services, supported by an advanced voice, video and data telecommunications infrastructure are becoming as essential as roads, airports and electric service to support Arizona's continued educational advancement, an enhanced quality of life and economic prosperity for Tucson's citizens.

Tucson's Links To The Electronic Future will provide effective tools to:

  • Support business and economic development 

  • Enhance education and workforce development

  • Respond to critical social issues such as health care and air pollution

  • Increase access to the arts, cultural resources and entertainment

  • Create customer driven government operations

  • More ...

Why CITA Is Important For Arizona

  • The infrastructure to support Arizona's Links To The Electronic Future is evolving within a complex maze of multiple interests, new and emerging technologies, dramatically changing government regulation, growing consumer requirements and highly competitive telecommunications industries.

  • Communities that have been successful in charting their way through this maze have developed collaborative efforts that involve inter-organizational coordination and community-wide cooperation.

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