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Funding and Priorities In Arizona

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Capital and M&O Funding

Arizona will provide adequate funding to effectively adopt technology in all Arizona K-12 classrooms. This includes Capital funds for the purchase of technology such as computers, software, printers, communications networks; and Maintenance and Operating funds (M&O) for teacher professional development, curriculum development, technical support staff, etc. On September 2nd, 1999, the School Facilities Board adopted guidelines that set the minimum standard of one networked multi-medial computer, on the Internet, for every eight student. Funds will be provided to assure completion by the end of 2002.

Center for Classroom Technology

Establish a Center for Classroom Technology that will assist school districts with integrating technology into school curricula; coordinating training opportunities; providing technical support to districts; acting as a clearinghouse for education technology information; promoting schools as test sites for new technologies; and, conducting a long term study to assess curricula that utilize technology. This will include a clearinghouse, Help-Desk for small districts, technology transfer to schools, district and school strategic planning support and a 20-year longitudinal study.

Research and Evaluation

Conduct statewide longitudinal studies to determine best practices and effectiveness of technology adoption

Business Support

Corporations and local businesses will collaborate with the education community to help ensure that today's students will graduate with 21st century workplace skills. A valued support will be a survey-based specification of required entry skills in the information age New Economy.

Statewide Stakeholder Organization

Develop a well-supported statewide stakeholder organization to provide coordination, leadership and long-range advocacy