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Funding and Priorities In Arizona

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Arizona K-12 will move from the 4th quartile to 1st quartile within the next five years as the technology effective classrooms dramatically increase student academic performance.

Technology-Effective Classrooms

Every classroom will be technology effective with telephones, computers, appropriate software, and access to the Internet and broadband telecommunications services. There will be a modern multi-media networked computer for every four students and appropriate content specific and productivity software to support learning and prepare students for the workplace.

Teacher Training and Professional Development

Over 50,000+ Arizona teachers and staff will have continuous professional development to effectively adopt and integrate technology in all Arizona K-12 classrooms. Arizona Academic Standards will guide this integration.

State and Local Strategic Plans

Each school and school district will prepare well developed, research based plans that address hardware, software, connectivity and Internet access, curriculum development, and teacher training and professional development. These local plans will be incorporated into a statewide plan that will drive effective technology adoption through out the state.

Instructional Support

Each school/district will have access to instructional support including Curriculum Specialists, Instructional Designers, Technology Directors, etc.

Technology Support

Each school will have adequate technical support, networks and access to broadband telecommunications services. This includes technical specialists and support for installation and maintenance of technology.

Technology Education Standards

Arizona will have statewide standards with full assessment for both technology adoptions in the classroom and use of technology to support each academic standards area.

University Research

Arizona universities, colleges and laboratories will deliver world-class research on effective learning technology.

Pre-service Teacher Training

Arizona universities and colleges will produce world class and highly educated teachers and instructional technologists. Arizona's Colleges of Education at all three universities should prepare new teachers to integrate technology effectively into the curriculum. Schools of Education need to provide faculty with the tools, incentives, and on-going professional development needed to integrate technology into the teacher-education curriculum.

Teacher Incentive Programs

Arizona needs to enforce the existing ADE standards for integrating technology into the curriculum. Education policy makers and school administrators should create systems that reward the integration of technology into the curriculum, such as hiring standards for teachers and administrators that include technology integration proficiency. Performance evaluations for in-service teachers and school administrators should encourage and reward technology integration and innovation.

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