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Funding and Priorities In Arizona

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Student First and School Facilities Board

In 1997 the Legislature passed the "Student First" school facilities funding plan that provides for state funding for new schools and upgrading existing schools. The legislation also establishes a "School Facilities Board" that is charged with establishing guidelines for Capital Expenditure for new and existing school facilities. The Facilities Board will address only issues pertaining to CAPITAL EXPENDITURES for school FACILITIES. They will not address Maintenance and Operating funds (M&O) regarding instruction, teachers and operating expenses.

The Facilities Board recently established guidelines requiring one modern, networked, multi-media computer for every eight students, Internet access and an internal LAN. The Students First legislation also provides $50 million for soft capital that can be used for software.

We now need to leverage that investment. To protect this investment in hardware and infrastructure, Arizona must also support technical support and professional development. ALTP, the Arizona Learning Technology Partnership  drafted a legislative proposal that would provide state funding for M&O funds to address these issues.

Strategic Planning and Priorities for Technology In Education

Effective adoption and integration of educational and workplace technologies is not simply the purchase of technology. It requires the ability to utilize and maintain the computers and networks, train teachers, develop curriculum and integrate the software and digital media into the educational process.

ALTP, the Arizona Learning Technology Partnership engaged in a statewide Strategic Planning process. They conducted numerous interviews and focus groups throughout the state, reviewed the research and examined the plans of a number of other states. Based upon the research and input from educators, parents, students, legislators, businesses, and economic development organizations, ALTP has identified the following priorities for the state of Arizona:

  • Vision

  • Technology-Effective Classrooms

  • Teacher Training and Professional Development

  • State and Local Strategic Plans

  • Instructional Support

  • Technical Support

  • Technology Education Standards

  • University Research

  • Pre-service Teacher Training

  • Teacher Incentive Programs

  • Capital and M&O Funding

  • Center for Classroom Technology

  • Research and Evaluation

  • Business Support

  • Statewide Stakeholder Organization

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