Technology and Education in Arizona

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The reality is we cannot prepare students for high-tech/high paying jobs, without the effective adoption of technology in our schools.

The following recommendations were developed by
 the Arizona Learning Technology Partnership

Technology in K-12 classrooms is:

  • enhancing the quality of the learning process

  • increasing student interest and reducing dropout rates

  • increasing student academic performance

  • providing students with essential skills to further their education and to participate in society and the workplace of the 21st century

  • transforming education

More Than Computers

  • Technology in education is not simply the purchase of more computers.

  • The effective adoption and integration of technology in the learning process means technology will be integrated into the curriculum and utilized to meet specific learning objectives.

  • Technology works when it is properly integrated into the curriculum, when teachers are trained to use it effectively, and appropriate software and technical support are provided.

Classroom Technologies Include:

  • Educational technologies specifically designed to improve learning in content areas such as math, science, English, or history.

  • Productivity or workplace technologies such as word processing, database management, and the use of the Internet that will insure that Arizona’s students will be prepared for the workplace

  • Advanced technologies such as computer programming, desktop publishing, network management that prepare our young people for careers in high tech industries such as optics, information technology, bio-technology and more

All schools will require:

  • one modern, networked computer with Internet access for every four students

  • software that supports the curriculum - content specific, productivity and advanced software and technology to support learning and to prepare students for the workplace

  • technical support for installation and maintenance of technology

  • professional development for teachers and staff to support integrating technology into their curriculum

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