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Please not that the Collaboration Task Force information  is not being maintained. Many of the links below may no longer be valid.

VisiTalk - is a FREE communications portal that lets you use your PC to make audio and video calls or send and receive voice mail worldwide over the Internet. Members receive a lifetime Permanent Communications Number and listing.

Excite free voice conferencing - is offering free voice conferencing for up to ten people at a time. You can join public conferences (audio chat rooms) OR set up your own (no reservations), just head on to the site, make up a name and go at it.

WebEx -, at it's core, provides real-time meetings where you can share documents, presentations, and applications with anyone, anywhere on the Web. Thay have created the concept of the WebEx Office, which allows you to create your personal space to meet, schedule meetings, send and receive messages and documents, and basically help you work with your colleagues, clients, and customers. The WebEx Directory lists people and businesses who use to offer their services world-wide. The WebEx Meeting Center free service offers a complete suite of collaborative capabilities that allows up to six people to participate in a browser-based Web conference. With WebEx, people can: show and annotate any type of document; or share a PowerPoint presentation.

SiteScape Forum - SiteScape, Inc. provides Internet-based, team-collaboration software. SiteScape Forum Version 4.0 (formerly the AltaVista Forum) is an award-winning, industry-tested software application that provides a fun and easy way to communicate, to share resources, and to collaborate with teammates and different groups of people. You can use Forum to create a secure "virtual office," collaborating with teammates in the office next to you, in an office down the hall, in another building, or across the world Users access the Forum's web pages using industry-standard web browsers, and they can have online discussions, share documents, chat, schedule meetings using shared calendars, maintain personal homepages that include lists of favorite links, and review select and filtered information from news sources and from Internet newsgroups. In addition, individual teams can collaborate and communicate in their own private team areas.

WebSentric Presentation.Net - WebSentric, a new start-up founded by former Netscape employees, aims to eliminate the need for costly in-person meetings with their new presentation conferencing service Presentation.Net. The new service links companies together via a browser-based system to create a virtual meeting room on the Net.

eGroups free listserv - At anyone can easily start a new e-mail group. E-mail groups are great for: keeping in touch with family or friends, developing an ongoing relationship with customers, conversing with people or scheduling a team. Features web interface to manage the group. Flexible group policies (moderated or unmoderated, private or public). No software to install. Reliable. 95% of all messages delivered in 50 seconds or less! Spam-Free. They use a proprietary spam detector to block spam. Full-text searchable. Control panel for all groups, whether hosted on or not. Messages readable via e-mail, on the Web, or in digests. Group polling feature.

"Group Computing - The Decision Maker's Guide To Groupware" - If you're looking for ways to stay abreast of developments in groupware, a new on-line magazine called "Group Computing - The Decision Maker's Guide To Groupware" may be of interest. Among other things, this free publication compares competing groupware platforms and identifies how the market is responding to them. The July/August '98 issue, for example, contains an article titled "Notes Leads the Market Now, But What About Next Year?" That well-documented piece explores the history of internetted vs. proprietary groupware, concluding that Novell and Netscape have "fallen by the wayside" and "Lotus is way ahead now, but Microsoft is closing the gap fast." In the same issue, there's an informative interview with the head of EDS's Groupware Services Division who discusses his intention to direct products and services at small to medium-sized businesses ("highest growth opportunity in IT over the next few years") in addition to the giant entities EDS has traditionally served.

Lotus Development Corp Instant!TEAMROOM - Lotus Development Corp. Instant!TEAMROOM is a new, rentable Domino-based application that enables anyone with an Internet-ready PC to set up a secure collaboration site, choose the team members, invite them in, and share ideas and documents-- in minutes. Use this application for short- or long-term projects, with your own colleagues or with an extended team of customers and partners. No infrastructure? No problem! Internet Service Providers hosting Instant!TEAMROOM handle the details.

Ventana Corporation - GroupSystems, a suite of team-based, decision support software tools can shorten the cycle time for your organizational processes. Organizations of all kinds use GroupSystems for strategic planning, TQM, business process reengineering, innovative problem solving, and more. GroupSystems supports these needs with sophisticated tools for managing group processes such as brainstorming, information gathering, voting, organizing, prioritizing, and consensus building.

Hot Office - The Web-Based Intranet Service for Small Business. Everything a small business needs: document sharing and retrieval, bulletin boards, online conferences, Web e-mail, calendar and more in one central location.

Involv Web Teaming - Involv Free Web Teaming is offered by Changepoint Corp. and U S WEST. Instantly create a dedicated interactive site on the web for your team or group. Based on a "lite" version of Changepoint's corporate teaming product involv Intranet, your free site is like a virtual room on the internet that grants access to only those you include.

Williams Conferencing - H.324 bridging and conversion service over existing phone lines, and multi-point conferencing services.

M.Show - M.Show™ is a unique, multimedia distance presentation service. The M.Show service enables a live, interactive, one-to-many presentation that is flexible, easy to use and impressive to see. M.Show integrates the visual impact of the Internet with the highly reliable quality of the voice telephone network to deliver dynamic presentations to your desktop through state-of-the-art software backed by a fully supported service.






CBT Systems

Ziff Davis Education

NAU On-Line

Video Capture Hardware:

Smith Micro Software, Inc.
Connectix Corporation Home Page
VIC Hi-Tech
Video Conferencing - Proximity VideoConferencing
Hauppauge's WinCast/TV and Win/TV PCI boards
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Bigpicture Video from U.S. Robotics
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Video Capture Software:

Microsoft NetMeeting
Picture Talk
CineMail from Baraka IntraCom
Alaris Videogram Home Page


Alaris QuickVideo Home Page
Smith Micro Software, Inc.
CineMail from Baraka IntraCom

Video Conferencing Information Sources:

Videoconference Resource Center-Good list
MIT site on internet telephony (has links to lots of sites with collaboration related software for download)
C/Net Article-WebPhones
PC World Article-CU-SeeMe 3.0
PC World Article-Creative WebCam
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