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Please not that the Collaboration Task Force information  is not being maintained. Many of the links below may no longer be valid.

The following are links to collaboration resources.

Distance Learning Course Finder  They say they are the world's largest one stop and truly independent distance education directory on the Internet. Here you can find information on thousands of distance learning courses from universities, colleges and companies worldwide as well as information on international distance learning exchanges and conferences.

Video Conferencing Cookbook from the Video Development Initiative

Distance Education List of Resources

Desktop Video - Feature: 04/06/97 From The Mining Company

International Multimedia Teleconferencing Consortium - Great site!!!

Video Conferencing - Proximity VideoConferencing

MIT site on internet telephony (has links to lots of sites with collaboration related software for download)

C/Net Article-WebPhones

External Discussion Group-VideoConferencing C/Net Article-Videoconferencing

PC World Article-Creative WebCam

ISDN Project

NightFlight Videoconferencing Links


Sandia/CA - Video Conferencing Etiquette

Web conferencing siteMorino Institute's Public Access Network Directory >

The Emerging Association For Community Networking

Big Sky Telegraph's Community Networking Clearinghouse (A collection of the best of the best)

University of Michigan School of Information's community networking newsletter: (A community networking primer written for AT&T by Frank Odasz is recommended reading at this site.)

One of the most developed web-conferencing systems around is the web version of CAUCUS

Checkout the Virtual Civicnet discussion archives!

Grant templates and community networking articles

More grant templates and community networking articles

Facilitating online conferences-good links

Comprehensive index of Web-based conferencing software

Conferencing in use at a community network (Twin Cities Free-Net's conferencing center)

Charlotte Hunter's new organization which is called The Virtual Team

Notes on Going Virtual, by Ray Grenier & George Metes

Review of the literature on Communities of Practice and some other useful links to related articles and sources.

Building groupware systems which are supportive of collaborative learning, decision-making and creativity.

Humanizing Distributed Electronic Meetings_(March 1995)

Outline for leading the online course on Conferencing: Virtual Facilitation Training Outline

Fostering Reflective Dialogues for Teacher Professional Development

Three online courses, including one on "Mentoring Online; How to Create and Teach an Online Course"

Knowledge Management products/services sites: