CITA Action Plan - August 2002

Mission and Goals

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Mission Statement

The Community Information and Telecommunications Alliance is dedicated to Building Links To the Electronic Future that will support Arizona's educational, economic and community development. CITA will be a leader working to ensure that all citizens, schools, businesses and organizations in Arizona have access to, and  the ability to maximize the use of technology.

CITA’s Goals

  • Adoption Of Technology: Develop resources and strategies to promote and support the adoption of the latest and greatest information technologies in business, government, education and the public.

  •  Infrastructure Development: Accelerate deployment of an advanced telecommunications infrastructure including advanced telecommunications services, high speed Internet and a community network to all.

  • Public Access and Support: Develop opportunities for all citizens, businesses and organizations to have access to the tools, technology and skills for electronic access to information and services, interactive participation and the creation and exchange of ideas.

  • Community Participation: Provide opportunities to educate the public, discuss issues and exchange information regarding information technology and public policy.

  • Economic Development: Support Arizona's business/economic development efforts and the development of the information and telecommunications industry.

  • Education and Training: Support the education and training of the community in information literacy skills and use of information technology.

CITA’s Role

To achieve our goals CITA will:

  •  Provide leadership in developing a strategic vision, public policy and collaborative strategies to address the political, economic and technological challenges associated with building Arizona's Links to The Electronic Future

  • Facilitate implementation of information technology projects and community initiatives

  • Guide the development of public policy

  • Coordinate community efforts and develop collaborative funding and resource development strategies

  • Educate the community about the benefits of and issues related to information technology and telecommunications

  • Represent the interests of Tucson in state planning and policy development activities

  • Forge partnerships and help support the information and communication needs of business, education and community organizations

  • Facilitate the development and implementation of a community strategy to educate students and train the workforce in information literacy skills and use of information technology.

CITA Affiliates

CITA affiliates represent government, education, social services, information and communication providers, large and small businesses, economic development agencies, health care, and arts and cultural organizations.  These organizations are participating in this collaborative­ effort to help prepare the Tucson community to effectively participate in the twenty first century­. Alliance affiliates also participate in the Alliance to share information and resources and to develop partnerships and innovative strategies to address their own information and communications needs.